How Me Found Meself in Adult Club Adventures

How Me Found Meself in Adult Club Adventures

So one day, me walking down street, right? Me hear big loud music, like boom boom boom! Me think, “What that noise?!” So, me go to see, and guess what? It door of adult club! Me like, “Woah, adult club? What that?”

Me push door open, but bouncer guy stop me. He say, “Hey, this adult club! You adult?” Me think hard. Me say, “Me think me adult. Me pay bills and eat broccoli. That make me adult, yes?” Bouncer guy laugh, he say, “Okay, you go in.” So me go in adult club.

Inside, it dark and flashy lights everywhere. People dance like they forget how to walk properly. Everywhere me look, adult club things happening. There table where people sit and talk loud. There bar where people drink things that smell funny. Me think, “Hmm, adult club interesting.”

Me see stage, and on stage, people singing songs. But funny thing, they no sing kid songs. No “Twinkle Twinkle” or “Baa Baa Black Sheep.” Only adult songs about love and money. Me think, “Ah, so this what adult club be about!”

After while, me get thirsty. Me go to bar. Bartender ask, “What you want?” Me say, “One chocolate milk please.” Bartender laugh and give me chocolate milk. Me sip and think, “Wow, adult club got good drinks.”

Before me know, it late. Me look at watch and say, “Oops! Past me bedtime!” So me say bye bye to adult club and head home. But me think, “Adult club fun, but maybe not for everyday.”

So, if you wonder what adult club like, it place for grown-ups to dance, sing, and drink chocolate milk. But remember, always wear comfy shoes, because adult club floors very sticky! And also, don’t forget your bedtime!