Get a Silicon Based Sex Doll with Realistic Appearance

People have been making sex dolls for over six centuries to relieve their sexual urges. Some of the most famous stories of sex toys being used include during the seventeenth century Big Maritime Navigation Era. At the time, sailors, only men, would have to spend weeks and sometimes months at sea on end. Since no women were allowed, men would start to get grumpy and perform less. Ships’ captains came up with the idea to use sex dolls to help men relieve their sexual urges, improve their performance and reduce stress. The use of sex dolls in ships became a normal practice by the end of the era. The second historical moment of sex dolls was during the Second World War. German soldiers would have to spend months at the war fronts, and women could not join the military as soldiers. As a result, many soldiers found prostitutes or raped women around their camps. Over time, many soldiers were infected with sexually transmitted conditions. To help reduce having fewer soldiers available, the German government provided sex dolls to the soldiers. Over time, the number of soldiers suffering from different STIs reduced, making the military stronger.Learn more about realistic sex dolls, please visit

Production Materials

Over the years, silicone sex dolls have evolved as people were innovative in producing sex dolls. In the beginning, sex dolls were developed by having cloth sawed in the shape of a woman and staffing the figure with more cloth or straw. Sometimes leather was used instead. When oil was discovered and used in the production of plastic, people used thermoplastic elastomers instead in the development of sex dolls. But in the current society, research has developed and concluded that plastic can be harmful to human beings, animals, and the environment in general. As a result, TPE used in sex dolls has become a huge cause of concern for people and sex dolls developers.

After research, silicone was considered the best replacement for TPE in sex doll development. Some of the major differences identified between TPE and silicone include; the first difference in the safety of the products in use. Silicone is an element and has no side effects on people, animals, and the environment. Due to this reason, when silicone is used in the production of sex dolls, the sex dolls are safer to the users and the environment when they have to be disposed of after use. The second reason is that silicone is odorless. TPE can be classified as plastic and produces a plastic smell. The odor can be similar to having sex with a woman who stinks. Although a person will still feel pleasure, the situation will be uncomfortable. The other advantage silicone has over TPE is its efficiency and maintenance. TPE is a product made from oil; as a result, it releases oil once over time. The maintenance for a sex doll made from TPE includes wiping and washing the oil from the sex doll’s surface. On the other hand, silicone does not release any oils, thus having fewer maintenance requirements.

Silicone-based BBdoll

Over time, sex doll development, manufacture, and sale have developed to become a huge industry globally. Many companies have been formed to tap into the market, but none has been as impactful to the modern market as BBdoll. BBdoll offers something new and fresh to the market, a realistic sex doll customizable to clients’ requirements. There are over a hundred different ways buyers can customize BBdoll sex dolls. When a person wants to buy a BBdoll, they first have to visit their website ( ). On the website, they are guided on some of the customizable options available to help them to develop a realistic sex doll that can fulfill their deepest desires.

Some of the features people can customize on a BBdoll include having options between several heights available to them. the options available include 160cm, 165cm and 168cm. all of these are available with different cup sizes of boobs. Some of the boobs sizes available include the D-cup, F-cup, and H-cup. The three sizes are fitted with gel breasts that help make the boobs feel softer and realistic to a person’s touch. The other option available to a person is to customize the skin color they would like on their sex doll. People have different priorities and desires. The colors available are natural, brown, and tan, which can represent any ethnicity a client desires in their sex doll.

One of the best features of a BBdoll is having a sex doll with implanted hair. Most sex dolls come with wigs which may fall out during action. Having a sex doll with implanted hair makes the scenario more realistic, although it is advisable not to pull with extreme force. But who am I to tell you what to do with your sex doll? Go nuts…especially because BBdoll offers the option to buy separate heads for your sex doll. There are forty-nine options of heads that are available to buyers. All the heads are compatible with all BBdoll sex dolls, but it would be weird to have different skin colors on the body. The heads can be customizable to the same skin tone, and people can have different heads to be used in case one gets damaged or needs a change in view. The heads come with five layers of make upon them, although not real makeup that washes off, but the color that does fade over time. Other customizations that can be made on the head include hair and eye colors.

The other customizable part of a BBdoll is the business end of the doll, the vagina. Some of the customizable options include vagina depth. A doll could either have a 5.5-inch vagina or a 6.7-inch vagina for those gifted stallions. The vagina could also be detachable or in-built with the rest of the toy. The other realistic customization is that people can opt to have either a shaven vagina or have pubic hair implanted to their sex doll. The other customization that can be made is to have a sex doll developed with the BBdoll 43 joint alloy framework that allows the sex doll to stand on its own for people interested in Kamasutra positions.


Sexual desires have led to a huge market for sex products and services. The sex doll market has been developing over the years, making sex dolls safer, better, and more realistic. Although many companies have tried, BBdoll is the company that has been able to achieve developing a sex doll that tics all three categories. Their dolls are made from silicone and other materials such as gel breasts to make them safer, more arousing, and realistic. They also make breasts, butt, and vagina three times softer than their competition. If in the market for a sex doll, BBdoll is the best and should be your first option.