Couple: Take the initiative

You’ve decided to give him the big game of seduction right now? So don’t hesitate, be absolutely sure of yourself, tell yourself that you are as irresistible as Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lopez combined! Your motto is “when I want where I want”, don’t let any doubt pollute your mind. Sweep away negative thoughts like “He’d rather watch a football game than I do,” “He doesn’t look in the mood,” “The passion of the beginnings ran away.” All these discouraging objections will not prevent you from rekindling in his eye the flame of desire if you have really decided. You’re the master of the game. If you wait for him to decide to kiss you passionately, it may take time … 


So don’t hesitate to take the initiative, titillate it, turn it on, provoke it. The goal is to increase the desire. Kiss him in the neck, caress him, bite his ear, while he prepares in the bathroom, just before going out (too bad if you’re late at your friends’ house), in the elevator, in the car, in short, show yourself as motivated and flirtatious as when you met…

Feel beautiful in her look

To seduce a man, you first have to seduce yourself. Find yourself a sexy look, treat yourself to jewelry, accessories, clothes that enhance your body. Feminine dresses, plunging necklines, it all depends on the assets on which you want to draw her eye. Men are very sensitive to visual stimuli, they love high heels, shoes that wrap the foot like a jewel… And of course, think about renewing your lingerie to stoke your lust. You don’t have to dress up, wear a black satin wasp and stockings if that’s not your thing. You can be super sexy in white lace and English embroidery. Remember Madonna in “Like a Virgin”… The important thing is that you feel beautiful wearing a sexy style that suits you. The reciprocal must be true. The more beautiful your man feels in your eyes, the more receptive he will be to your seduction! Throughout him, show him that you thought of him by offering him shirts, fashionable sweaters. Choose together outfits that suit him well, adjust his hairstyle, in short, take a sincere interest in him and help him find a new look that suits him and beautifies him. It will be flattered to feel that you are proud to have such a seducer at your side. The more you reassure a man about his qualities, his skills and the more he likes him, it is mathematical. Show your baby that you like him, that he attracts you. Tell him that you love his skin, his smell, his mouth, his hands, his eyes… Anything you want! The important thing is that he feels desired by the woman who is by his side. If he does not find in your eyes this distraught admiration and intense desire, he risks looking for them in the eyes of another woman, just to reassure himself about his male power of seduction… Careful!

Talk to him… your body and have fun with cam girls.

Body language is as important as words. Do not hesitate to send sign messages: smiles, eye games, touch, so-called fortuitous contacts, play with the emotion that comes with touch. Don’t waste an opportunity, kneel at him, bend down to whisper words of love in his ear. Squeeze against him… To seduce someone it is imperative to attract his attention. Plant your gaze in his, look down from time to time with delight, make him talk about him, and above all, listen to him, with a look of admiration that speaks volumes… Remember that smells also have the power to trigger erotic sensations, to stimulate desire. It’s the perfect evening to embrace a new fragrance. Your wake will awaken his curiosity, surprise his olfactory cells that will immediately transmit a shock wave to the “sexual desire” area of his brain.